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call s:toggle_vimfiler in launch

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1 parent 5aa913f commit d2858bdbebf4d8aefb35afdc0a26bbf828907bfa @akiradeveloper committed Apr 13, 2012
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2 .vimrc
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ nnoremap <Space>f :call <SID>toggle_vimfiler()<Cr>
function! s:toggle_vimfiler()
VimFiler -simple -buffer-name=explorer -split -winwidth=35 -toggle -no-quit<Cr>
-"autocmd vimenter * VimFiler -simple -buffer-name=explorer -split -winwidth=45 -toggle -no-quit<Cr>
+autocmd vimenter * call <SID>toggle_vimfiler()
"nnoremap <C-o> :VimFiler -buffer-name=explorer -split -winwidth=45 -toggle -no-quit<Cr>
"autocmd! FileType vimfiler call g:my_vimfiler_settings()
"function! g:my_vimfiler_settings()

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