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(require 'my/project)
(defcustom akirak/project-formatter-list nil
"List of formatters to use in individual projects.")
(defun akirak/get-reformatter-formatters ()
(cl-loop for sym being the symbols of obarray
;; Filter minor modes
when (and (memq sym minor-mode-list)
(string-suffix-p "-on-save-mode" (symbol-name sym)))
collect (string-remove-suffix "-on-save-mode" (symbol-name sym))))
(defun akirak/pick-mode-formatter (mode)
(-some->> akirak/project-formatter-list
(assoc mode)
(cl-defun akirak/get-project-formatter (&optional project &key mode)
(let* ((project (or project (akirak/project-root default-directory)))
(mode (or mode major-mode))
(formatter (-some->> akirak/project-formatter-list
(assoc mode)
(assoc project)
(or formatter
(let* ((formatter (list 'reformatter
(completing-read (format "Formatter for %s in project %s: "
(abbreviate-file-name project))
nil t nil nil
(akirak/pick-mode-formatter mode))))
(cell (assoc mode akirak/project-formatter-list))
(subcell (cons project formatter)))
(setcdr cell (cons subcell (cdr cell))))
(add-to-list 'akirak/project-formatter-list (cons mode (list subcell)))))
(customize-save-variable 'akirak/project-formatter-list
"Set by akirak/get-project-formatter")
(provide 'my/formatter)