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An Ivy command which lets you visit Org buffers, files, bookmarks, and agenda commands
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This is an Emacs package which lets you access Org buffers, Org files, Org bookmarks, and custom org-agenda commands via a single Ivy interface. This is analogous to ivy-switch-buffer with virtual buffers enabled.


Note: ivy-filthy-rich is used to decorate buffer entries in this screenshot.

Table of contents


  • Emacs 25.1
  • ivy
  • dash


See my config for a comprehensive example of configuration.

Entry types

To configure the types (and the order) of contents displayed in ivy-omni-org command, customize ivy-omni-org-content-types variable. Its default value is =’(buffers files agenda-commands bookmarks)=.

File sources

To configure the list of files, set ivy-omni-org-file-sources variable:

(setq ivy-omni-org-file-sources '(org-agenda-files))

ivy-omni-org-file-sources variable is a list of symbols, and each symbol in the list can be either a function returning a list of files or a variable containing a list of files.

If you are using org-starter package, the following setting is recomended:

(setq ivy-omni-org-file-sources '(org-starter-known-files))

Custom entry types and reordering the sections

By customizing ivy-omni-org-custom-content-types, you can display user-defined contents in ivy-omni-org.

An example integration is with org-ql, which is included in the package out of the box. That is, it lists org-ql-views defined within the package.


Run ivy-omni-org command.


  • [X] Add an action to visit the entry in other window
  • [ ] Add an action to kill the selected buffer
  • [ ] Add an action to create an entry or fire org-capture


GPL v3

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