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  • The Spring Framework

    Java 10,198 Updated Feb 15, 2017
  • Spring Data Commons. Interfaces and code shared between the various datastore specific implementations.

    Java 254 Updated Feb 13, 2017
  • Java Updated Nov 6, 2016
  • This project contains reusable maven parent poms and maven project archetypes with sensible defaults, for example pre-configured with the latest maven plugin versions or already defining some common libraries as dependencies (commons-lang, guava, etc).

    Java 2 2 Updated Sep 2, 2015
  • Cage is a CAptcha image GEnerator java library. It is fast, small and simple. Its goal is to generate images that are easy to read for a human but impossible or at least very hard for a computer.

    Java 32 25 Updated Dec 17, 2012
  • Verification library for Java

    Java Updated Nov 30, 2011