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A Cheapes CNC Acrylic board cutter with hot wire.
Yukkuri means slow but also means the girl "ゆっくり霊夢"。It is famous in Nico-TECH (Yet another Maker movement).
Please see this video site to know about Nico-TECH party.

body Demonstration Video is here.video on nicovideo/ video on youtube

*Now,Here is Rev.B(Strong cooling) 3D model of parts and so on will be camming soon,video on youtube

YukkuriCut cuts acrylic(plexi grass) board with Φ0.2mm nichrome wire.It's cheap and safe way than laser cutter. wire image

It can cut small details. detil image

Above sample is T=5mm.You can cut T=10mm also (almost same speed as 5mm). 10mm image and T=40mm!(stacked 5mm board x8).But very slow 0.03mm/sec at 1.4A heater current. 40mm image 40mm image

And you can make it your self About 1,5000JPY(=150USD).The cost depends on precision of XY table. My table is very cheap one ,So it have about some backlash(Not perfect circle at Φ3mm ). But it's not problem for my use. example Anyway building cheap machine is Fun!Enjoy! make it yourself with yukkuri.

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