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This is a general repository for test.

I won't add anything useful in here, if not my stupid tests. I think. Maybe. Dunno.


The work in this repository is provided "as-is", distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0, available at the URL:


Oct 27, 2013

Today I experimented a bit with OpenCL. Coming from the CUDA experience I found the OpenCL API pretty verbose... There is a simple example that shows it (the full code is more than 100 lines just to sum two arrays). So, even if I like OpenCL for its portability, but it is a verbosity hell, a dirty solution to make its setup shorter has been created. All hail OCHELL, the one-header only library for excaping the OpenCL verbosity hell! I plan to improve it in the future (maybe using OOP, so that vars aren't continuously passed around). In the specific opencl/README there are some links I found nice. Anyhow, I like OpenCL because it is similar to OpenGL, because of ICD, and because there is also a C++ specification which I prefer to C.

Oct 25, 2013

I added a simple OpenGL 3/4 + FreeGLUT example. Why? Because it may be useful to someone. I am using nVidia optimus on Fedora, and I wanted to test if OGL 3 and 4 could run. nVidia supports (right now) up to OpenGL 4.3, but if using software renderer (MESA), I can get up to 3.1 (or 3.2, not sure). So, I created a working example of the code used in the OpenGL Programming Guide (8th ed.) which seems to work. Also, since GLEW crashed the program (and glewExperimental fix did not fix), I used glLoadGen:

A lua script that worked fairly well. Also, this example includes a routine to load, compile and link shader files into a shader program, which may be useful to beginners.

Aug 11, 2013

Well, I just added something revolutionary: a 14-line decorator to quickly test pycairo code. You're welcome, world. A very smart, innovative and elaborated demo is present in Well, I plan to include some features to allow simple animations (decorator parameters are already present! But not used, yet), based on time or something.