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'Enter a whole number' error when updating user profile #56

Unksi opened this Issue · 3 comments

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If "SA high score" or "SA low score" has a number with decimals (such as '9.0' or '9,0') in the field, an error "Enter a whole number" is given.

By default, Baruwa fills the fields with a number with decimals, such as '9.0'.

To get the error disappear, the user needs to enter a number without decimals, such as '9'.

It would be great if Baruwa could handle numbers with decimals, especially as it prints them out by default. If that is not possible, at least do not print them in the fields by default.

This happens with Baruwa 1.1.2.


This was supposed to have been fixed a while ago #28 If its still an issue i will take a look just now

@akissa akissa referenced this issue from a commit
@akissa * FIX: #56 9852e02

Apply this patch and let me know 9852e02


This fixed the issue. Thank you. :)

@akissa akissa closed this
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