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Checkbox to select all messages in quarantine message list does not work #57

Unksi opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Unksi Andrew Colin Kissa

At 'Messages -> Quarantine' page, there is a checkbox in the header, left from "Date/Time" heading. This checkbox has 'allchecker' id field.

When I click this checkbox, nothing happens, except that the checkbox itself is checked or unchecked.

What I think that is supposed to happen is, that all shown messages are checked or unchecked with this checkbox as it gets toggled.

I am using Baruwa 1.1.2-4sn with Firefox 18.


This happens also with Chromium 26.0.1378.0 (175744).

I have tried it with Administrator and Domain Administrator user types.

Andrew Colin Kissa

I cannot replicate this if Firefox, Safari and Chrome, may be something to do with your setup.


I checked with IE 10 too, and Firefox 18 in Virtualbox with a new, clean profile. Still happens.

I do see this error in Firefox error console:

Timestamp: 9.1.2013 17:14:23
Error: Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [rel*=address:]
Source File: /static/js/jquery.js
Line: 4179

No idea if it is related or not. I will try to find more information about this.

Andrew Colin Kissa

Oh okay, can you provide some details on your Baruwa installation i think that may be an issue in the jquery version you are using.


Here is info about the deb package used for installation:

apt-cache show baruwa
Package: baruwa
Status: install ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: python
Installed-Size: 6532
Maintainer: Andrew Colin Kissa
Architecture: all
Version: 1.1.2-4sn

OS is Ubuntu 12.04 with all current updates installed.

I checked the jquery file, it tells version 1.7.1 and is dated 21.11.2011.

Do you need more information?

I have your apt repository enabled, but have not force-downgraded to its package yet, as it has lower version number. If that package is however newer/better, I can see how it works as well.

Andrew Colin Kissa

I think you have been bitten by this bug asual/jquery-address#54 so i am guessing you are on debian or ubuntu as those are the ones that do not have a bundled jquery.

Andrew Colin Kissa akissa referenced this issue from a commit
Andrew Colin Kissa * update jquery.address plugin
* FIX: #57
Andrew Colin Kissa

Please test with this patch ca017e3


This fixed it, thank you! :)

Andrew Colin Kissa akissa closed this
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