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po * debian buildkit improvements
source - add debian build system
README.source - add debian build system
baruwa-doc.doc-base - add debian build system - add debian build system
baruwa.cron.d * debian buildkit improvements
baruwa.cron.daily * update the debian build
baruwa.cron.monthly * add monthly cron job to send PDF reports
baruwa.default * debian buildkit update
baruwa.dirs * debian buildkit improvements - add debian build system
baruwa.init * debian buildkit improvements
baruwa.install * fix debian mod_wsgi error
baruwa.logrotate * add logrotate to deb
changelog * debian build update
config * update the debian build
control * debian build update
copyright - add debian build system
postinst * debian build update
postrm * debian buildkit update
prerm * updated the debian build kit
pycompat * FEATURE: Closes issue #27 allow for
pydist-overrides * FEATURE: Closes issue #27 allow for
pyversions * FEATURE: Closes issue #27 allow for
rules * debian build update
templates * update the debian build
watch - add debian build system


baruwa for Debian

<this file describes information about the source package, see Debian policy
manual section 4.14. You WILL either need to modify or delete this file>

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