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About YourTurn

YourTurn is a timer application to manage your turn-based actions. For example, a presentation session or a chess game. I’d mostly created this application for “lightning talk” sessions, which means a very brief (up to 5 minutes per person) presentation contest. But it’s up to you how you utilize YourTurn. =)


  • Very simple
  • Allot different time for each persons
  • Can setup timer up to 10hours
  • Intermission
  • First bell (Alerts before timer expires)
  • Full screen & rotatable session view

How to use (in 3 steps):

  1. Add some attendees of the session from the attendee list. You can add as many attendees as you want.
  2. Setup the session. Maybe you want to change sound effects, intermission length, whether first bell should ring or not, etc.
  3. Start the session. Countdown starts immediately, and when the timer expires YourTurn replaces the current person who has the turn.