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doc Added missing documentation for setting up the Darcs test repository.
extra Fixes rdm-mailhandler SSL support (#1724).
lang ops...
script alguns updates do rails.. gerava um erro pra atualizar o boot.rb nas …
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vendor/plugins merge redmine edge
.autotest alguns updates do rails.. gerava um erro pra atualizar o boot.rb nas …
.braids Add mirror 'vendor/plugins/annotate-models/'.
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Capfile capify
README portuguese..
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Redmine - project management software
Copyright (C) 2006-2008  Jean-Philippe Lang

== This fork doesn`t have any official relation with Redmine!

 For INSTALL/LICENSE stuff see doc/

== MODS:

 - Add hours spent on the scm commit (TODO)                   
 - Add a simpler new ticket view, for ppl not aware of project intrinsics, clients... (TODO)
 - Add a devs notification when new commit occurs, with the commit message. (TODO, tricky)
 - Added CI feed in the repository view. (DONE)
 - Added continuous integration feed with settings in a per project basis. (DONE)
 - More graphics and few changes on existent ones. (DONE)
 - Merge nice wiki comments. (DONE)
 - Changes on the repo view: readme, last commit. (DONE)

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