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@@ -32,7 +32,8 @@ h1. Bundled Plugins
* "vim-buffergator": - Vim plugin to list, select and switch between buffers.
* "vim-coffee-script": - syntax highlight for Coffee Script
* "vim-easymotion": - Vim motions on speed!
-* "vim-jade": - Vim syntax highlighting for the Jade templating engine
+* "vim-gist": - vimscript for gist
+* "im-jade": - Vim syntax highlighting for the Jade templating engine
* "vim-jquery": - Vim syntax file to add some colorations for jQuery keywords and css selectors
* "vim-preview": - [leader] P previews Markdown, Rdoc, Textile, html. Requires Ruby and other gems.
* "vim-ruby-sinatra": - syntax highlight for Sinatra
@@ -44,6 +45,7 @@ h1. Bundled Plugins
* "Zencoding": - powerful way for HTML abbreviations (learn here: Type abbreviation and press Ctrl+Y+comma (c-y ,)
* "ZoomWin": - Zoom in/out of windows (toggle between one window and multi-window)
* "vim-slim": - syntax highlight for Slim
+* "webapi-vim":" - vim interface to Web API
h1. Usage
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