Error in rails gvim on Windows 7 #112

EJIqpEP opened this Issue Aug 30, 2012 · 2 comments

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Hello. I have a problem with your vimfiles on Windows 7.
Error detected while processing E:\programs\Vim\vimfiles\vimrc:

line 314:

E484: Can't open file C:\Users\ejiqpep/vimfiles/snippets/support_functions.

Gist: require 'curl' command

Can you help me pls?


It is because of the latest changes on the repo. Now it supports gists from github directly from inside vim. To acomplish that, it uses linux/bsd curl library that i think windows doesnt have. So serach for windows curl on windows and see if it resolve your trouble.

Another tip: Maybe you are doing it wrong. That vimfiles are primary made to work with ruby and rails which work out of the box on linux/bsd operational systems, but not so much on windows.

Hope that helps you.


I have curl.exe on my C:\Windows\System32 but it's error continue ...

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