Broken arrow keys in insert mode #72

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abonec commented Sep 1, 2011

I use ubuntu 11.04 and vim 7.3.289. When vimfiles are installed then in insert mode arrow keys printing letters (A, B, C and D) instead navigating through the document. In gvim it work properly. If i delete .vim and .vimrc then arrow keys is working properly in insert mode.

Mouse scroll wheel are broken at the same way.

I use Ubuntu too, and same issue here

@abonec is the in the line 259 of the .vimrc

set term=gnome-256color

But if I set the term other than gnome-256color I can't use colorschemes in terminal

abonec commented Sep 2, 2011

Without colorschemes it is not a way.

In my debian server via SSH connect with same vimfiles it works perfect but in my local ubuntu it broken =(

Eilie commented Dec 8, 2011

Yep, after install akitaonrails vimfile my vim arrows are broked

See issue #44... I fixed adding these codes in vimrc:

nnoremap <Esc>A <up>
nnoremap <Esc>B <down>
nnoremap <Esc>C <right>
nnoremap <Esc>D <left>
inoremap <Esc>A <up>
inoremap <Esc>B <down>
inoremap <Esc>C <right>
inoremap <Esc>D <left>


For me worked fine!

Eilie commented Mar 6, 2012

Thanks, thats works for me too.

I already made a pull request with this modification. See #94 =D

@akitaonrails akitaonrails pushed a commit that referenced this issue Mar 10, 2012

@plribeiro3000 plribeiro3000 Fixes #44 #72 7c6a44d
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