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The fastest and easiest way to understand your APIs.

Built for busy developer teams who don't have time to become experts in monitoring and observability, Akita makes it possible to quickly discover all your API endpoints, see which are slowest, and learn which have errors. No SDKs or code changes necessary.

  • Get plug-and-play API monitoring. Explore and share per-endpoint volume, latency, and errors. Set per-endpoint alerts.
  • See API endpoints. Automatically get a searchable map of your API endpoints in use. Explore by latency, errors, and usage. Export as OpenAPI specs.

Drop Akita into your system to understand your application’s behavior, without having to instrument code or build your own dashboards.

We're in open beta and would love to have you try us out! Create an account in the Akita App to get started.

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About this repo

This is the open-source repository for the community version of our CLI, and is intended for use with the Akita console. This community version of the CLI does not include functionality for inferring types and data formats. This functionality is available only in the akita binary that we distribute.

Running this repo

How to build

Running the following commands will generate the akita-cli binary:

  1. Install Go 1.18 or above.
  2. Install libpcap
    • For Homebrew on mac: brew install libpcap
    • For Ubuntu/Debian: apt-get install libpcap-dev
  3. make

How to test

  1. Install gomock: go get
  2. make test

How to use

See our docs: Single Host/VM.

Note: if you're planning to use the Akita CLI with the Akita Console, we recommend using our statically linked binaries if possible.

Getting involved

  • Please file bugs as issues to this repository.
  • We welcome contributions! If you want to make changes or build your own extensions to the CLI on top of the Akita IR, please see our CONTRIBUTING doc.
  • We're always happy to answer any questions about the CLI, or about how you can contribute. Email us at opensource [at] akitasoftware [dot] com or request to join our Slack!

Related links


The Akita CLI helps you make sense of API traffic. Passively watch API traffic with apidump. Model API behavior with apispec. Compare API behavior with apidiff.








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