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functions to interact with Palo Alto gateways
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functions to interact with Palo Alto gateways (Tested with Pan-OS 7.1) Blog post:

July 14 2016: Initial version uploaded. Following functions included:

  • paloalto_rule_move: move a specified security rule to a specific location
  • paloalto_rule_findbyname: find all security rules that contain a specified name
  • paloalto_rule_add: add new security rules
  • paloalto_find_matchingrule: find a rule that matches certain traffic
  • paloalto_service_find: find existing service objects that match specific port and protocol
  • paloalto_service_add: created new service object
  • paloalto_commit: commit changes
  • paloalto_rule_delete: delete a specific rule
  • paloalto_rule_getdetails: get rule parameters for a specified rule
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