Collection of presentations for advanced Python topics
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This is a repository of my presentations on several Python topics in local meetups. Topics include:

  1. The Tao of Python: The intricate relationship between object and type and how metaclasses, classes and instances are related (link).
  2. MRO in Python: Method resolution order in multiple inheritance using C3 linearization (link).
  3. Metaclasses and Metaprogramming in Python (link).
  4. Functional Programming in Python: Decorators, Generators, Iterators (link).
  5. Descriptors: The magic behind attribute access in Python (link).
  6. How to speedup Python with cython (link).
  7. How to speedup Python, without bothering too much, with numba (link).
  8. How to make a REST API using django and django-rest-framework (project and slides).
  9. How to use websockets in django with channels (slides).