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Neovim GUI written in Golang, using a Golang qt backend
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Gonvim is a Neovim GUI written in Golang, using a Golang qt backend.

This repository forked from the original Gonvim for the purpose of maintenance and enhancement.

Table of contents


Getting Started

Pre-built packages for Windows, MacOS, and Linux are found at the Releases page.

Note: MacOS or Linux users need to install neovim and deploy nvim under the $PATH.
Installing Neovim

  • MacOS 🍏 looks for the nvim process from the following.


Deployment example:

cd /path/to
curl -LO
tar xf nvim-macos.tar.gz
ln -s /path/to/bin/nvim /usr/local/bin/nvim
  • Linux 🐧

Execute /path/to/Gonvim-0.X.X-linux/

  • Windows 🏞

Execute /path/to/Gonvim-0.X.X-windows/gonvim.exe


application config file
Gonvim (GUI frontend of neovim) ~/.gonvim/setting.toml
Neovim $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nvim/init.vim

where the default value of $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is the below.

Unix ~/.config
Windows ~/AppData/Local

  • neovim configuration for gonvim

The sample configuration is gonvim-init.vim

  • gonvim configuration

For details of ~/.gonvim/setting.toml, See wiki



Gonvim welcomes contribution. If you want to add your changes to the Gonvim, Please following steps

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a branch for your contribution
  3. Add contributions to the branch
  4. Create a pull request against the master branch of the Gonvim repository.

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Gonvim is released under MIT license


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