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Add default-blocking-io-dispatcher and make TTL configurable
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akka-actor-tests Fix invalid ranges in ByteStringSpec #22389 Feb 24, 2017
akka-actor Merge pull request #22340 from ortigali/wip-21170-default-blocking-io… Feb 24, 2017
akka-agent extended copyright into 2017 Jan 4, 2017
akka-bench-jmh #21475 moving compressions ownership to Decoder (#22047) Jan 13, 2017
akka-camel Convert UntypedActor to AbstractActor #22308 Feb 22, 2017
akka-cluster-metrics Remove samples (#22288) Feb 14, 2017
akka-cluster-sharding Merge pull request #22348 from akka/wip-22327-many-remember-entities-… Feb 24, 2017
akka-cluster-tools semicolon aren't such a thing in Scala Feb 22, 2017
akka-cluster #22353 fix mbean expected json format Feb 21, 2017
akka-contrib Merge pull request #22364 from akka/wip-22198-contrib-patriknw Feb 23, 2017
akka-distributed-data less verbose debug logging in ddata (#22384) Feb 24, 2017
akka-docs Merge pull request #22375 from ortigali/wip-22308-untyped-actor Feb 24, 2017
akka-multi-node-testkit fix MultiNodeSpec.getCallerName, #22186 Feb 24, 2017
akka-osgi Do not build and publish dist and activator zips (#22223) Jan 25, 2017
akka-persistence-query use exclusive fromSequenceNumber in eventsByTag, #22145 Jan 16, 2017
akka-persistence-shared Remove backwards compatible workaround in SnapshotSerializer? (#22231) Feb 24, 2017
akka-persistence-tck extended copyright into 2017 Jan 4, 2017
akka-persistence Remove backwards compatible workaround in SnapshotSerializer? (#22231) Feb 24, 2017
akka-protobuf Remove 'the' duplicates Mar 31, 2016
akka-remote-tests Move DnsSpec to multi-jvm test, #22330 Feb 23, 2017
akka-remote fix byte order issue in DaemonMsgCreateSerializer, #22366 Feb 22, 2017
akka-slf4j extended copyright into 2017 Jan 4, 2017
akka-ssl-config/src/main/scala/com/lightbend/sslconfig/akka extended copyright into 2017 Jan 4, 2017
akka-stream-testkit expectNextPF with timeout #21314 (#21825) Feb 23, 2017
akka-stream-tests-tck remove deprecated ActorSystem termination methods, #21423 Jan 24, 2017
akka-stream-tests Revert "=str Remove manual hostname verifier support, used to be incl… Feb 23, 2017
akka-stream Merge pull request #22340 from ortigali/wip-21170-default-blocking-io… Feb 24, 2017
akka-testkit Remove references to FSM's Ev matcher Feb 14, 2017
akka-typed Replace "experimental" with "may change" (#22326) Feb 20, 2017
project Merge pull request #22351 from jrudolph/jr/w/revert-22320 Feb 24, 2017
scripts New authors-script for releasing (#21783) Nov 2, 2016
src/main/ls Update sbt settings Mar 9, 2012
.gitignore Merge branch 'master' into wip-sync-artery-dev-2.4.9-patriknw Aug 23, 2016
.java-version +act #19085 adds Java API ByteString#createBuilder Dec 4, 2015 Replace "experimental" with "may change" (#22326) Feb 20, 2017
COPYING.protobuf =all #13783 replace protobuf dependency by embedded version Sep 4, 2015
LICENSE extended copyright into 2017 Jan 4, 2017 more consistent naming and style, fixed typos and mistakes #22077 Dec 30, 2016
build.sbt #18765 Update to latest MiMa which is now an AutoPlugin. Mar 10, 2016


We believe that writing correct concurrent & distributed, resilient and elastic applications is too hard. Most of the time it's because we are using the wrong tools and the wrong level of abstraction.

Akka is here to change that.

Using the Actor Model we raise the abstraction level and provide a better platform to build correct concurrent and scalable applications. This model is a perfect match for the principles laid out in the Reactive Manifesto.

For resilience we adopt the "Let it crash" model which the telecom industry has used with great success to build applications that self-heal and systems that never stop.

Actors also provide the abstraction for transparent distribution and the basis for truly scalable and fault-tolerant applications.

Learn more at

Reference Documentation

The reference documentation is available at, for Scala and Java.


You can join these groups and chats to discuss and ask Akka related questions:

  • Mailing list: google groups: akka-user
  • Chat room about using Akka: gitter: akka/akka
  • Issue tracker: github: akka/akka

In addition to that, you may enjoy following:


Contributions are very welcome!

If you see an issue that you'd like to see fixed, the best way to make it happen is to help out by submitting a pull request implementing it.

Refer to the file for more details about the workflow, and general hints on how to prepare your pull request. You can also ask for clarifications or guidance in GitHub issues directly, or in the akka/dev chat if a more real time communication would be of benefit.

A chat room is available for all questions related to developing and contributing to Akka: gitter: akka/dev


Akka is Open Source and available under the Apache 2 License.