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Merge pull request #18317 from akka/wip-18314-msg-loss-patriknw

=clt #18314 Reduce message lost when region terminates
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@patriknw patriknw authored
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akka-actor-tests +act #16629 Possibility to receive messages that not reset receiveTim…
akka-actor Merge pull request #18283 from ktoso/wip--†-blocking-ktoso
akka-agent =pro run multi-jvm tests when validating pr
akka-bench-jmh +per #17894 Support Future(Nil) in asyncWriteMessages
akka-camel =doc #17329 Fixed and normalized spellings in ScalaDoc and comments
akka-cluster-metrics =clu #18156 Harden AdaptiveLoadBalancingRouterSpec
akka-cluster-sharding =clt #18314 Reduce message lost when region terminates
akka-cluster-tools Merge pull request #18286 from akka/wip-18258-cluster-client-protobuf…
akka-cluster =clu #18156 Harden AdaptiveLoadBalancingRouterSpec
akka-contrib =con #17670 Fix potential ReceivePipeline MatchError
akka-distributed-data =cdd #18235 Harden ddata PerformanceSpec
akka-docs =doc #16122 improve color of strong elements inside note/warn
akka-kernel =pro run multi-jvm tests when validating pr
akka-multi-node-testkit =pro run multi-jvm tests when validating pr
akka-osgi =doc #17329 Fixed and normalized spellings in ScalaDoc and comments
akka-persistence-query =per #18288 Add docs of leveldb queries
akka-persistence-tck =per #18112 Use timestamp in deleteSnapshots
akka-persistence =per #18303 avoid causing match error in AsyncWriteJournal
akka-remote-tests =rem remove unused code
akka-remote Merge pull request #18263 from akka/wip-17750-expected-response-after…
akka-samples =clu #13802 Introduce max-total-nr-of-instances for cluster aware rou…
akka-slf4j =doc remove duplicated word typos
akka-stream/src !per #17518 harmonize and document failure handling in persistence
akka-testkit +tes #13980 #17276 #18077 Added missing overloads on TestActorRef
akka-typed move StepWise into tests and deprecate
project =clu #15412 Add paths(system) method to Group router
scripts =pro Update url in publish samples script
src/main/ls Update sbt settings
.gitignore =cdd #17779 Create activator template for Distributed Data Update
LICENSE Changes all occurances of Typesafe copyright to extend to 2015 switch README from textile to markdown and freshen it up
build.sbt =pro run multi-jvm tests when validating pr


We believe that writing correct concurrent & distributed, resilient and elastic applications is too hard. Most of the time it's because we are using the wrong tools and the wrong level of abstraction.

Akka is here to change that.

Using the Actor Model we raise the abstraction level and provide a better platform to build correct concurrent and scalable applications.

For resilience we adopt the "Let it crash" model which the telecom industry has used with great success to build applications that self-heal and systems that never stop.

Actors also provide the abstraction for transparent distribution and the basis for truly scalable and fault-tolerant applications.

Akka is Open Source and available under the Apache 2 License.

Learn more at Join the akka-user mailing list. Follow @akkateam on twitter.


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