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* Copyright (C) 2016-2017 Lightbend Inc. <>
package akka.cassandra.session
import{ ActorSystem, ExtendedActorSystem }
import com.datastax.driver.core.Session
import com.typesafe.config.Config
import scala.collection.immutable
import scala.concurrent.{ ExecutionContext, Future }
import scala.util.Failure
* The implementation of the `SessionProvider` is used for creating the
* Cassandra Session. By default the [[ConfigSessionProvider]] is building
* the Cluster from configuration properties but it is possible to
* replace the implementation of the SessionProvider to reuse another
* session or override the Cluster builder with other settings.
* The implementation is defined in configuration `session-provider` property.
* It may optionally have a constructor with an ActorSystem and Config parameter.
* The config parameter is the config section of the plugin.
trait SessionProvider {
def connect()(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Future[Session]
object SessionProvider {
* Create a `SessionProvider` from configuration.
* The `session-provider` config property defines the fully qualified
* class name of the SessionProvider implementation class. It may optionally
* have a constructor with an `ActorSystem` and `Config` parameter.
def apply(system: ExtendedActorSystem, config: Config): SessionProvider = {
val className = config.getString("session-provider")
val dynamicAccess = system.asInstanceOf[ExtendedActorSystem].dynamicAccess
val clazz = dynamicAccess.getClassFor[SessionProvider](className).get
def instantiate(args: immutable.Seq[(Class[_], AnyRef)]) =
dynamicAccess.createInstanceFor[SessionProvider](clazz, args)
val params = List((classOf[ActorSystem], system), (classOf[Config], config))
.recoverWith {
case x: NoSuchMethodException => instantiate(params.take(1))
.recoverWith { case x: NoSuchMethodException => instantiate(Nil) }
.recoverWith {
case ex: Exception =>
new IllegalArgumentException(
s"Unable to create SessionProvider instance for class [$className], " +
"tried constructor with ActorSystem, Config, and only ActorSystem, and no parameters",
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