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* Copyright (C) 2009-2022 Lightbend Inc. <>
package akka.cluster
import scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration
import akka.ConfigurationException
import{ ActorSystem, ExtendedActorSystem, Props }
private[cluster] object DowningProvider {
* @param fqcn Fully qualified class name of the implementation to be loaded.
* @param system Actor system used to load the implemntation
* @return the provider or throws a [[akka.ConfigurationException]] if loading it fails
def load(fqcn: String, system: ActorSystem): DowningProvider = {
val eas = system.asInstanceOf[ExtendedActorSystem]
.createInstanceFor[DowningProvider](fqcn, List((classOf[ActorSystem], system)))
.recover {
case e => throw new ConfigurationException(s"Could not create cluster downing provider [$fqcn]", e)
* API for plugins that will handle downing of cluster nodes. Concrete plugins must subclass and
* have a public one argument constructor accepting an [[]].
* A custom `DowningProvider` can be configured with `akka.cluster.downing-provider-class`
* When implementing a downing provider you should make sure that it will not split the cluster into
* several separate clusters in case of network problems or system overload (long GC pauses). This
* is much more difficult than it might be perceived at first, so carefully read the concerns and scenarios
* described in
abstract class DowningProvider {
* Time margin after which shards or singletons that belonged to a downed/removed
* partition are created in surviving partition. The purpose of this margin is that
* in case of a network partition the persistent actors in the non-surviving partitions
* must be stopped before corresponding persistent actors are started somewhere else.
* This is useful if you implement downing strategies that handle network partitions,
* e.g. by keeping the larger side of the partition and shutting down the smaller side.
def downRemovalMargin: FiniteDuration
* If a props is returned it is created as a child of the core cluster daemon on cluster startup.
* It should then handle downing using the regular [[akka.cluster.Cluster]] APIs.
* The actor will run on the same dispatcher as the cluster actor if dispatcher not configured.
* May throw an exception which will then immediately lead to Cluster stopping, as the downing
* provider is vital to a working cluster.
def downingActorProps: Option[Props]
* Default downing provider used when no provider is configured.
final class NoDowning(system: ActorSystem) extends DowningProvider {
override def downRemovalMargin: FiniteDuration = Cluster(system).settings.DownRemovalMargin
override val downingActorProps: Option[Props] = None