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* Copyright (C) 2018-2019 Lightbend Inc. <>
package akka.cluster.metrics.sample
import akka.cluster.Cluster
import akka.cluster.ClusterEvent.{ CurrentClusterState, MemberUp }
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import scala.language.postfixOps
import akka.remote.testkit.MultiNodeConfig
import com.typesafe.config.ConfigFactory
object StatsSampleSpecConfig extends MultiNodeConfig {
// register the named roles (nodes) of the test
val first = role("first")
val second = role("second")
val third = role("third")
def nodeList = Seq(first, second, third)
// Extract individual sigar library for every node.
nodeList.foreach { role =>
nodeConfig(role) {
# Enable metrics extension in akka-cluster-metrics.
# Sigar native library extract location during tests.
// this configuration will be used for all nodes
// note that no fixed host names and ports are used
commonConfig(ConfigFactory.parseString(""" = cluster
akka.remote.classic.log-remote-lifecycle-events = off
akka.cluster.roles = [compute]
#//#router-lookup-config {
/statsService/workerRouter {
router = consistent-hashing-group
routees.paths = ["/user/statsWorker"]
cluster {
enabled = on
allow-local-routees = on
use-roles = ["compute"]
// need one concrete test class per node
class StatsSampleSpecMultiJvmNode1 extends StatsSampleSpec
class StatsSampleSpecMultiJvmNode2 extends StatsSampleSpec
class StatsSampleSpecMultiJvmNode3 extends StatsSampleSpec
import akka.remote.testkit.MultiNodeSpec
import akka.testkit.ImplicitSender
import org.scalatest.{ BeforeAndAfterAll, Matchers, WordSpecLike }
abstract class StatsSampleSpec
extends MultiNodeSpec(StatsSampleSpecConfig)
with WordSpecLike
with Matchers
with BeforeAndAfterAll
with ImplicitSender {
import StatsSampleSpecConfig._
override def initialParticipants = roles.size
override def beforeAll() = multiNodeSpecBeforeAll()
override def afterAll() = multiNodeSpecAfterAll()
"The stats sample" must {
"illustrate how to startup cluster" in within(15 seconds) {
Cluster(system).subscribe(testActor, classOf[MemberUp])
val firstAddress = node(first).address
val secondAddress = node(second).address
val thirdAddress = node(third).address
system.actorOf(Props[StatsWorker], "statsWorker")
system.actorOf(Props[StatsService], "statsService")
receiveN(3).collect { case MemberUp(m) => m.address }.toSet should be(
Set(firstAddress, secondAddress, thirdAddress))
"show usage of the statsService from one node" in within(15 seconds) {
runOn(second) {
def assertServiceOk(): Unit = {
val service = system.actorSelection(node(third) / "user" / "statsService")
// eventually the service should be ok,
// first attempts might fail because worker actors not started yet
awaitAssert {
service ! StatsJob("this is the text that will be analyzed")
expectMsgType[StatsResult](1.second).meanWordLength should be(3.875 +- 0.001)
"show usage of the statsService from all nodes" in within(15 seconds) {
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