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@@ -177,6 +177,8 @@ All documentation must abide by the following maxims:
All documentation is preferred to be in Lightbend's standard documentation format [reStructuredText]( compiled using Lightbend's customized [Sphinx]( based documentation generation system, which among other things allows all code in the documentation to be externalized into compiled files and imported into the documentation.
+To learn about how to build the documentation locally see the Reference Docs section about this topic: [Build the documentation](
For more info, or for a starting point for new projects, look at the [Lightbend Documentation Template project](
For larger projects that have invested a lot of time and resources into their current documentation and samples scheme (like for example Play), it is understandable that it will take some time to migrate to this new model. In these cases someone from the project needs to take the responsibility of manual QA and verifier for the documentation and samples.

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