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tag: v2.1.0-RC1
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
  1. @viktorklang
  2. @viktorklang

    Merge pull request #808 from akka/wip-2583-wrong-barrier-patriknw

    viktorklang authored
    Solve wrong barrier problem, see #2583
  3. @patriknw

    Solve wrong barrier problem, see #2583

    patriknw authored
    * The problem was that we didn't wait for the testconductor.shutdown Future
      to complete and therefore barriers could be triggered in unexpected order.
      The reason why we didn't await, was that during shutdown the Future was
      completed with client disconnected failure. I have fixed that and added
      await to all shutdowns.
  4. @viktorklang

    Merge pull request #806 from akka/wip-cluster-java-sample-run-patriknw

    viktorklang authored
    Mavenize java akka-sample-cluster
  5. @viktorklang

    Merge pull request #807 from akka/wip-FIXMEs-∂π

    viktorklang authored
    remove some FIXMEs
  6. @rkuhn

    Patrik’s comments: change CircuitBreaker to Runnable

    rkuhn authored
    was using Callable for no apparent reason; also fix
  7. @viktorklang
  8. @rkuhn

    remove some FIXMEs

    rkuhn authored
    some were left-over residue, some were fixed
  9. @patriknw
  10. @viktorklang

    Update akka-docs/rst/dev/developer-guidelines.rst

    viktorklang authored
    Tidying up developer guidelines link
Commits on Oct 15, 2012
  1. @rkuhn
  2. @rkuhn
  3. @viktorklang

    Merge pull request #805 from akka/wip-2611-config-1.0-patriknw

    viktorklang authored
    Config lib v1.0.0, see #2611
  4. @patriknw

    Config lib v1.0.0, see #2611

    patriknw authored
  5. @rkuhn
  6. @rkuhn
  7. @rkuhn
  8. @rkuhn

    review comments: Duration.parse and FIXMEs

    rkuhn authored
    - found two more mentions of Duration.parse, replaced by Duration.create
    - add FIXME to build for zeroMQ and scalaVersion
  9. @viktorklang
  10. @viktorklang

    Merge pull request #794 from akka/wip-2575-race-in-publication-during…

    viktorklang authored
    #2575 Start actor after it can be resolved with actorFor.
  11. @viktorklang

    Merge pull request #802 from akka/wip-2618-multi-jvm-args2-patriknw

    viktorklang authored
    Make it possible to pass -D and -X args to multi jvm/node tests, see #2618
  12. @patriknw

    Capitalize extractor

    patriknw authored
  13. @rkuhn

    actually build the samples

    rkuhn authored
    and fix the resulting breakage (of not compiling them for some time,
    that is)
    also remove the last casts to FiniteDuration
  14. @bantonsson

    Fixed code example. #2513

    bantonsson authored
  15. @rkuhn

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wip-2.10.0-RC1-∂π

    rkuhn authored
    - currently cheating: uses zeroMQ artifacts for scala 2.10M7
    - fixed a bunch of more wrong references to scala.concurrent.util
  16. @bantonsson

    Merge pull request #780 from akka/wip-2513-pattern-schedule-tick-to-s…

    bantonsson authored
    Document how to schedule periodic messages from an actor to itself. #2513
  17. @rkuhn

    update versions for Scala 2.10.0-RC1

    rkuhn authored
    also fix a postfixOps warning and a duration error
  18. @patriknw
  19. @bantonsson
  20. @viktorklang
  21. @viktorklang

    Merge pull request #799 from akka/wip-2612-improve-receivetimeout-docs-√

    viktorklang authored
    #2612 - Clarifying ReceiveTimeout semantics in the documentation.
  22. @viktorklang
  23. @bantonsson
  24. @viktorklang

    Merge pull request #800 from akka/wip-2613-typesafe-dev-guidelines-√

    viktorklang authored
    #2613 - Harmonized the Akka with the Typesafe Developer ...
  25. @viktorklang
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