Configuration files for shells, editors etc.
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Latest commit 2eeffb7 Jul 21, 2017 @akkana More hassle on yank-without-colors.
You can't use a binding to <mouse-2> because that mysteriously
changes the X selection after it's run, and this doesn't seem
to be documented or have any way to stop it from happening.
In emacs25, though, yank-excluded-properties works, so use that.
In emacs24, just fix Ctrl-Y and put up with the misbehavior on
middlemouse knowing that it's temporary.
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.emacs-lisp Add a section for true global keybindings. Reorganize everything and … Sep 15, 2014
zsh New pythonhelp aliases May 23, 2017
.cshrc A collection of recent updates Jan 6, 2015
.mailcap adjustments for docx and vcal Apr 24, 2017
.vimrc Lots of dotfiles! Nov 9, 2012
.xinitrc Start openbox via dbus-launch, to keep firefox from freezing Jun 1, 2013 Initial commit Nov 9, 2012


Configuration files for shells, editors etc.