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A Lightweight RSS/feed fetcher
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feedfetcher If mkdirs fails, print which dir we were trying to create
.gitignore Ignore .pyc files
CHANGELOG Track the changelog; update some sites in .conf
README Use feedmeparser (with lxml.html) for parsing HTML pages. Lots of oth…
feedme Strip RSS content before deciding it's blank.
feedme.conf Add new continue_on_timeout config parameter
feedme.html Update with 0.9 info Obey base href on pages that have it, for image rewriting.
urlrss Make shell=False explicit in subprocess calls.


FeedMe: a lightweight RSS/feed fetcher.

FeedMe is sort of an RSS version of Sitescooper or AvantGo,
optimized for offline reading.

You can maintain a list of RSS feeds you want to read daily,
fetch them, cleaning up the HTML and (if you like) removing images,
then, optionally, convert them to a format that's easier to read
on a PDA or ebook reader.

It's written in Python and requires feedparser.
As of version 0.9 it's been split into two files and requires lxml.html.

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