Commits on Jun 14, 2018
Commits on May 31, 2018
  1. Parse more complicated img srcset attributes, like the ones in Wired …

    akkana committed May 31, 2018
    …that have commas embedded in the middle
Commits on May 14, 2018
  1. Fix page_end on Reuters

    akkana committed May 14, 2018
Commits on May 12, 2018
Commits on May 4, 2018
Commits on Apr 14, 2018
  1. feedviewer: How to get updates on scroll position. Don't actually do …

    akkana committed Apr 14, 2018
    …anything useful with it yet
Commits on Apr 13, 2018
Commits on Apr 12, 2018
Commits on Mar 31, 2018
  1. Handle img srcset. Add a new config var max_srcset_size

    akkana committed Mar 31, 2018
    specifying what size of image we should try to download
    if there are multiple sizes.
Commits on Mar 30, 2018
  1. Default block_nonlocal to true, not that it matters with sites increa…

    akkana committed Mar 30, 2018
    …singly using <img srcset>
Commits on Mar 25, 2018
Commits on Mar 13, 2018
  1. Add a new config variable, "block_nonlocal_images", to replace

    akkana committed Mar 13, 2018
    remote img src with a bogus local entry, to avoid unwanted bandwidth.
Commits on Mar 11, 2018
  1. Screen out stories that are repeated multiple times in the same day's…

    akkana committed Mar 11, 2018
    … feed, like for Washington Post
Commits on Feb 3, 2018
  1. CSS: Restrict width of figure as well as img,

    akkana committed Feb 3, 2018
    for sites like High Country News that wrap every img in a figure,
    and make the max width 98.5% instead of 100% because idiot Android
    WebView makes 100% be wider than the actual display.
Commits on Jan 26, 2018
  1. Update README

    akkana committed Jan 26, 2018
  2. Update the documentation

    akkana committed Jan 26, 2018
Commits on Jan 23, 2018
  1. Add a site file for XKCD

    akkana committed Jan 23, 2018
Commits on Dec 30, 2017
  1. Catch exceptions trying to report exceptions in ptraceback().

    akkana committed Dec 30, 2017
    Python3 seems ridiculously sensitive to charset errors
    and it's super hard to guard against crashing because python3
    has a hissy fit and doesn't want to print a traceback.
  2. Reuters site change

    akkana committed Dec 30, 2017
Commits on Nov 20, 2017
Commits on Nov 6, 2017
Commits on Oct 29, 2017
Commits on Oct 28, 2017
  1. Open logfile as utf-8 explicitly, trying to dodge annoying Python3 er…

    akkana committed Oct 28, 2017
    Catch an edge case where Washington Post triggers feedparser's 'links'
    member even though there's no "links" in the RSS source.
  2. Reduce max size of RSS entries

    akkana committed Oct 28, 2017
  3. Shift config variable order

    akkana committed Oct 28, 2017
  4. Convert to use python3

    akkana committed Oct 28, 2017
  5. Write a content-disposition filename header, to make it easier to deb…

    akkana committed Oct 28, 2017
    …ug with wget or curl
Commits on Oct 10, 2017
  1. Bump to 1.0b4

    akkana committed Oct 10, 2017
  2. Add two new config flags: simplify and rss_entry_size.

    akkana committed Oct 10, 2017
    Both are for the LA Daily Post's new misbehavior of putting
    the whole story into the RSS, along with broken formatting
    that sometimes makes the whole story unreadable (font colors
    and sizes). This is only barely tested, so beware!