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A collection of GIMP scripts and plug-ins by Akkana Peck.
These are all licensed under the GPL v2 or (at your option) any later GPL.
Bend a layer (e.g. a text layer) in a circular arc.
Much much slower than the Python version, due to lack of pixel regions.
Draw a Fibonacci (golden ratio) spiral around Fibonacci number boxes.
Create label/businesscard templates, and pages of them, based on
Avery and similar templates imported from glabels.
Fiddly to use since you have to figure out your printer's "slop factor".
Stitch a series of images (loaded as layers in one image) into a panorama.
Doesn't do any smart matching based on the image contents; it just gives
you initial fixed spacing and layer masks; then you can drag the images
around to choose final placement, and edit the layer masks as needed.
A simple script-fu demonstration (used in GIMP scripting talks).
Bend a layer (e.g. a text layer) in a circular arc.
Also a good demo of how to use pixel regions in Python.
Interactively draw an arrow in a new layer, using a rectangular
selection as a guide.
Text effect similar to bevel and drop shadow, but different.
Export a scaled version of the current image, remembering name & scale
for the next export.
Conway's Game of Life (more or less, with colors added).
No, there's no practical use for it. It's just a silly demo.
Migrate 2.6 tool presets to 2.8 (which doesn't happen automatically).
Demonstrate all possible UI options for pygimp registration dialogs.
Save or export, marking the current image clean.
For people who dislike the Save vs. Export split introduced in 2.8.
Make wallpaper from the selection, based on aspect ratio.
Has a few screen size presets (e.g. 1366x768, 1680x1050) and
saves to a known place, e.g. ~/Backgrounds/1366/.
It's recommended that you set rect select presets for aspect ratios
like 16:8, 4:3, 1366:768 etc. in order to use this.
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