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+Change Log:
+10/20/2007: 0.5
+ Add Printer fudge factor to label page script, and make the
+ install documentation a bit clearer.
+12/4/2006: 0.4
+ Changes needed to run in Tiny-Fu and GIMP 2.3.
+ Fix a page size bug: label page was choosing A4 instead of Letter.
+ Add a "Transparent?" option to Make Label Page.
+5/23/2006: 0.3
+ Use Copy Visible so that the label page can handle XCF labels with
+ multiple layers. Reorganize menus so as not to use Script-Fu menus.
+2/8/2005: 0.2
+ Look for files in ~/.glabels for additional templates
+ when generating labeltemplates.scm.
+ Fix a bug involving iterating from the wrong end of the list.
+2/2/2005: 0.1
+ First release.
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+# Makefile for gimp label templates script-fu
+GIMPTOOL = gimptool-2.0
+labels.scm: labeltemplates.scm labels.scm-dist
+ cat labeltemplates.scm labels.scm-dist >labels.scm
+install: labels.scm
+ $(GIMPTOOL) --install-script labels.scm
+ if ! test -s labeltemplates.scm; then cp labeltemplates.scm-dist labeltemplates.scm; fi
+ >labeltemplates.scm
+ rm labels.scm
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+This is a little pair of GIMP scripts which can make it easier to
+design and print labels, business cards and other sized objects in
+GIMP, using label templates from the gLabels program.
+Also, us-letter paper size is the only supported paper so far.
+Modifying the code would be straightforward, though.
+First: the easy way to install if you just want to try out the
+script with the labels provided is to copy labels.scm into your
+gimp scripts directory. For example, on Linux with GIMP 2.4,
+that would be:
+ cp labels.scm ~/.gimp-2.4/scripts/
+If you want more control or want to add your own labels, read on:
+make will build labels.scm, using whatever label templates are
+currently in this directory. gimplabels is shipped with a set
+of labels, but if you have a recent version of glabels installed
+you may want to update the list by typing:
+make templates will update labeltemplates.scm, copying templates
+from your gLabels setup in /usr/share/glabels/templates. If your
+glabels is installed anywhere else, you will have to modify the program. also depends on having
+python and py-xml installed; if you don't have those, you're probably
+best off using the label templates shipped with gimplabels.
+make install will install the script to your personal gimp-2.0 or
+gimp-2.2 directory. It relies on having "gimptool" installed.
+On some distributions, this is packaged separately from gimp,
+in a package called gimp-devel or gimp-dev. If you can't install
+gimptool, you can simply cp labels.scm to ~/.gimp-2.x/scripts/
+Once installed, the scripts should show up in two places:
+<Toolbox>/Xtns/Script-Fu/Labels/Rect Label...
+ Make a new image with the right aspect ratio for the particular
+ rectangular label.
+<Image>/Script-Fu/Labels/Rect Label Page...
+ Make an image of a page of labels, populating it with the
+ current label image.
+ Note: the "Printer fudge factor" parameter is to compensate
+ for the fact that gutenprint printer drivers never seem to use
+ quite the whole page. The default is 0.968, which is about right
+ for my Epson C86. I recommend that you print out some test pages
+ (in draft mode on cheap paper) and figure out the right fudge
+ factor for your printer, then edit the script so that will
+ be the default (see the SF-ADJUSTMENT for "Printer fudge factor"
+ near the end of the labels.scm).
+<Toolbox>/Xtns/Script-Fu/Labels/CD Label...
+ Make a CD label blank, with the inner part cut out.
+<Image>/Script-Fu/Labels/CD Mask
+ Cut out a CD shape from the current image.
+gimplabels is copyright (C) 2005,2006,2007 by Akkana Peck,
+and is licensed under the GPL: share and enjoy!
+As usual, it's provided with no warranty, etc.
+But if you have questions or enhancements, feel free to
+contact the author: Akkana Peck,
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