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A collection of GIMP scripts and plug-ins by Akkana Peck.
These are all licensed under the GPL v2 or (at your option) any later GPL.
+ Bend a layer (e.g. a text layer) in a circular arc.
+ Much much slower than the Python version, due to lack of pixel regions.
+ Draw a Fibonacci (golden ratio) spiral around Fibonacci number boxes.
+ Create label/businesscard templates, and pages of them, based on
+ Avery and similar templates imported from glabels.
+ Fiddly to use since you have to figure out your printer's "slop factor".
+ Stitch a series of images (loaded as layers in one image) into a panorama.
+ Doesn't do any smart matching based on the image contents; it just gives
+ you initial fixed spacing and layer masks; then you can drag the images
+ around to choose final placement, and edit the layer masks as needed.
+ A simple script-fu demonstration (used in GIMP scripting talks).
+ Bend a layer (e.g. a text layer) in a circular arc.
+ Also a good demo of how to use pixel regions in Python.
+ Interactively draw an arrow in a new layer, using a rectangular
+ selection as a guide.
+ Text effect similar to bevel and drop shadow, but different.
+ Export a scaled version of the current image, remembering name & scale
+ for the next export.
+ Conway's Game of Life (more or less, with colors added).
+ No, there's no practical use for it. It's just a silly demo.
+ Migrate 2.6 tool presets to 2.8 (which doesn't happen automatically).
+ Demonstrate all possible UI options for pygimp registration dialogs.
+ Save or export, marking the current image clean.
+ For people who dislike the Save vs. Export split introduced in 2.8.
+ Make wallpaper from the selection, based on aspect ratio.
+ Has a few screen size presets (e.g. 1366x768, 1680x1050) and
+ saves to a known place, e.g. ~/Backgrounds/1366/.
+ It's recommended that you set rect select presets for aspect ratios
+ like 16:8, 4:3, 1366:768 etc. in order to use this.

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