A keyboard-driven app for tagging and organizing large numbers of photos efficiently
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A keyboard-driven app for tagging and organizing large numbers of photos efficiently.

This arose out of my Pho image viewer (Pho on GitHub). It started to get unwieldy adding ever more tagging features to what was intended as just a fast, light image viewer.

Metapho is intended as a fast, lightweight, flexible way of organizing large numbers of photos. It uses flat files, not a proprietary database, so you're not locked down to this one app, and you can view your keywords databases at any time, or edit them in a text editor if you should ever want to.

It's driven primarily from the keyboard: you should be able to do everything you need without moving your hands to the mouse, though there are some mouse operations for those who find them easier.

It depends on python-gtk, but not on gnome or any other desktop services. Linux users can get PyGTK through their distro, or by compiling from source; Windows users can install it from pip. I don't have a good answer for Mac users; possibly the easiest solution is to install GIMP (follow the install links from [GIMP.org]https://gimp.org) then munge paths so that other programs can find the PyGTK libraries that comes with GIMP.

Metapho is available on PyPi, so you can install it as pip install metapho