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+METAPHO l "Feb 17 2013" "User Manuals"
+Bmetapho - tag images with words or phrases
+metapho *file* ...
+`metapho`lets you tag large numbers of images as efficiently as possible.
+Although it uses a graphical user interface, it's intended
+to be controllable entirely through the keyboard.
+It offers two modes, somewhat similar to the vi editor.
+Normally you're in "navigational" mode, where you can rapidly
+move between photos and view and toggle tags.
+Clicking in a text entry, or typing Return or <Ctrl>Space,
+will let you add new tags. Hit ESC, Return, or <Ctrl>Space to
+leave entry mode and return to navigational mode.
+Tags will be written to a file named Tags.
+Metapho tries to be smart about where to write the Tags file,
+using the highest common directory of the images passed to it
+on the command line. It will also read tags in from any Tags
+files that already exist in any of the image directories,
+and will save those tags (unless changed by the user) along
+with any new tags added.
+Metapho obeys the following keys:
+Go to next image.
+Go to previous image
+`r', `t', `[right-arrow]'
+Rotate right (clockwise)
+`R', `T', `l', `L', `[left-arrow]'
+Rotate left (counter-clockwise)
+`[up-arrow]', `[down-arrow]'
+Rotate 180 degrees.
+Go back to the first image.
+Go to the last image.
+Quit the application, writing any changes to the Tags file.
+Delete this image file from disk.
+This will bring up a confirmation dialog; clicking OK or
+typing another d or <Ctrl>d deletes the file.
+`a' through `z' or `A' through `Z'
+Toggle the appropriate tag for this image.
+If in navigation mode: activate the first blank tag and let you type in it.
+If in entry mode: leave entry mode and return to navigation mode.
+Stop typing in a tag field and move to the next image;
+or, if not currently in a tag field, activate the next tag and
+shift focus there.
+Ensure focus is not in a text field, so any characters typed
+will be navigational.
+Forget all tags for the current image.
+By default, when moving from one image to a new image that has no tags yet,
+metapho will copy the tags from the previous image.
+Use <Ctrl>U to turn these off.
+Search for tags matching whatever you type.
+Use Return or ESC to get out of search mode.
+Akkana Peck, with a lot of design help from John Sturdy.
+Copyright \(co 2013 Akkana Peck
+Metapho is free software, licensed under the GNU Public License version 2.
+The most recent version of `metapho', and more information about it, is at:

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