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7/9/2016, pho 1.0pre1
Add middlemouse dragging in presentation mode.
9/5/2012, pho-0.9.8
Finally! An actual release!
4/10/2012, Pho 0.9.7-pre8
Add captions/image comments (from David <>) with -c.
Improve scaling up from keywords mode (but some scaling issues remain).
More aspect ratio fixing and code cleanup.
4/17/2011, Pho 0.9.7-pre7
Fix aspect ratio of fullsize mode on vertical images;
increase keyword dialog height, and add some keyword dialog
reliability fixes; fix build warnings reported on Irix.
11/26/2010, Pho 0.9.7-pre6:
Much more reliable scaling code -- this (I hope) fixes the
problems with aspect ratio upon rotation.
New PHO_SCALE_FIXED mode: keep image's larger dimension <= the given
size (stored confusingly in gScaleRatio).
Use PHO_SCALE_FIXED and .75 times the shorter dimension of the
screen for Keywords mode.
Alt+num toggles 10+num flag.
4/10/2010, Pho 0.9.7-pre5:
Fix a slew of subtle bugs involving going back and forward im the
image list (e.g. when specifying nonexistent images). Add some
information on how to test for regressions.
2/9/2009, Pho 0.9.7-pre4:
Add ToggleBetween to better manage transitions between various modes
and make sure proper scaling and redraw happens.
12/15/2009, Pho 0.9.7-pre3:
More cleanup of rotation/scaling, and transitions from one mode
to the next.
9/26/2009, Pho 0.9.7-pre2:
Add ability to add new image files or change the list without restarting.
Total cleanup/rewrite of rotate/scale logic.
Remove old gtk1 code.
N/N/2009, Pho 0.9.7-pre1:
List images with incorrect exif rotation;
smarter PHO_REMOTE (can do other things, not just GIMP);
don't go fullscreen from Ctrl-F in the keywords dialog.
fix a minor Mac build issue.
11/9/2008, Pho 0.9.6:
RELEASE! The only difference from 0.9.6-pre3 is to change
the default PHO_REMOTE command from gimp-remote to gimp,
since gimp-remote is obsolete and no longer provided in Linux
distros (and never was, on Mac or Win).
10/2/2008, Pho 0.9.6-pre3:
Change the list next/prev code to fix (I hope) a bug where pho
would get confused and cycle from the last image back to the first.
8/13/2008, Pho 0.9.6-pre2:
Simplify exif/Makefile so it'll work on FreeBSD and other
systems where make is non-GNU make
N/N/2007, Pho 0.9.6-pre1:
Add new Keywords mode and keywords dialog.
Add stay-on-top code for prompt and keywords dialogs.
Clean up a lot of spurious expose events that gtk was sending,
in the hopes of curing the double-draws visible on slow machines.
(There are still some a few left, from resize events.)
A few minor fixes to work better with xinerama.
8/6/2007, Pho
Fix a buffer overflow bug on the 'g' (gimp-remote) key.
3/20/2007, Pho 0.9.5:
No changes from pre5 except some manual and html page updates.
3/5/2007, Pho 0.9.5-pre5:
Check for a PHO_ARGS environment variable. Add a -P argument to force non-presentation mode. Fix a few bugs with double/half size and with scaling.
Make note 0 work properly.
7/24/2005, Pho 0.9.5-pre4:
Double and half size weren't working properly;
couldn't use arrow and spacebar to get out of the final Quit confirmation dialog (though ESC always worked).
10/9/2004, Pho 0.9.5-pre3:
Fixed a crash bug when revisiting an image which was previously rotated.
Added a workaround for Metacity's evil window size handling.
Made the background black when in presentation mode.
9/30/2004, Pho 0.9.5-pre2:
Fixed some bugs involving ending up at the wrong image when deleting or pressing HOME. Cleaned up handing of image list.
Fixed an aspect ratio problem.
7/13/2004, Pho 0.9.5-pre1:
Rewrote the image list handling to use a linked list. Lots of associated code cleanup.
Port to gtk2, and build under either gtk1 or gtk2.
Add new "fullscreen mode" (e.g. for presentations, or for difficult window managers).
Various futile attempts to hang on to window focus in various window managers.
9/30/2003, Pho 0.9.2:
Don't try to move the window unless the image size has changed (fix the annoying bug where pho wouldn't let you move windows).
Also fix a crash after dismissing the info dialog by clicking on the windowmanager "X".
2/26/2003, Pho 0.9.1:
Rusty Russell: fix an off-by-one error in rotation code, reducing the need for extra memory;
Brian Langenberger: bracket printed filenames with quotes if they contain spaces or quote characters.
1/8/2003, Pho 0.9:
Fix pho.spec version, and a make clean bug.
12/3/2002, Pho 0.9pre2:
Fix a crash in the quit dialog.
11/27/2002, Pho 0.9pre1:
Add EXIF handling, using code from jhead, by Matthias Wandel.
10/18/2002, Pho 0.8:
Build RPM and deb; show image size in titlebar; add home key.
8/13/2002, Pho 0.7:
Put image name in titlebar; prompt after last image before quitting; add fullscreen mode.
7/28/2002, Pho 0.6.1:
Fixed a bug with printing a note set on the last image.
7/21/2002, Pho 0.6:
Code cleanup, change the handling of the notes structures.
7/21/2002, Pho 0.5.1:
Fix a bug where image rotations were wrong when going backward.
7/11/2002, Pho 0.5:
Add delete dialog, and really delete files on disk.
7/3/2002, Pho 0.4:
Fixed a bug with gif rotation.
7/1/2002, Pho 0.3:
Rename yass to pho, add info dialog.
6/28/2002, Yass 0.2
Some added features; add manual and make install target.
6/24/2002, Yass 0.1:
First release.