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Ideas for improving pho (in no particular order).
If you have more ideas, or want to contribute to the project,
let me know!
- "Error scaling up to 682788 x 512216: probably out of memory"
leaves pho in a state where it can't do anything else.
To reproduce: run in keywords mode and use = key.
Bad state is fixed; but why do we have an error scaling?
Okay, we understand that now, but it leaves a question:
what is the actual difference between PHO_SCALE_FIXED and
- dismissing dialog on last image doesn't redraw covered area:
how to reproduce?
- EXIF rotation problems (mostly fixed, may still be a few edge cases)
- Going from presentation mode to non-presentation mode,
we don't get an expose so we don't get a chance to check the
frame size and adjust window size accordingly. (fixed?)
- Calling DrawImage too many times. (much improved, still not perfect)
- Show cursor in text fields in keywords dialog (gtk bug, probably can't fix)
Regression tests:
- make sure keywords on current image get saved when you quit.
- Info dialog still doesn't init first time (maybe fixed? but find out why)
- with exif rotation, ScaleImage in pho.c is passed inverted monitor sizes
(width passed as height and vice versa)
so the keywords mode check doesn't work right. Ick!
Wouldn't it be better to rotate the image first? Oh, but it's better
to scale down before rotating (for performance).
(I think I fixed this.)
- crop with jpegtran
- Parse and write Keywords file
- Change set of working images
- Question: what does pho print out at the end?
Everything from the session, probably;
but with full pathnames, or directory separators then single filenames?
Other ideas for possible future work:
Should be relatively easy:
- ? brings up a help screen.
- print out commands to do the rotation via ImageMagick.
Slightly harder:
- Save notes to EXIF.
- Save images at the proper rotation, preserving EXIF.
- Use libexif