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* dialogs.h: dialogs/user interactions used in pho, an image viewer.
* Copyright 2004 by Akkana Peck.
* You are free to use or modify this code under the Gnu Public License.
/* Prompt for an answer. */
extern int Prompt(char* msg, char* yesStr, char* noStr,
char* yesChars, char* noChars);
/* Show or hide the Info dialog. */
extern void ToggleInfo();
extern void UpdateInfoDialog();
/* Show or hide the Keywords dialog. Show will also update it;
* Hide will update the underlying flags.
extern void InitKeywords();
extern void ShowKeywordsDialog();
extern void HideKeywordsDialog();
extern void UpdateKeywordsDialog();
extern void RememberKeywords();
extern void NoCurrentKeywords(); /* use when deleting current image */
/* A function dialogs must call to stay on top of the image window */
extern void KeepOnTop(GtkWidget* dialog);
/* Dialogs need to know the ID of the app's current image window,
* so they can be transient to it.
extern GtkWidget *gWin;
#define IsVisible(dlg) (dlg && dlg->window && (GTK_WIDGET_FLAGS(dlg) & GTK_VISIBLE))