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* pho.h: definitions for pho, an image viewer.
* Copyright 2004 by Akkana Peck.
* You are free to use or modify this code under the Gnu Public License.
#include <gdk-pixbuf/gdk-pixbuf.h>
/* Want this include to be the smallest possible include which
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
/* Images are kept in a doubly linked list.
* gFirstImage is the beginning;
* gFirstImage->prev is the last item,
* lastImg->next is gFirstImage.
typedef struct PhoImage_s {
char* filename;
int trueWidth, trueHeight; /* may be swapped if rot = 90 or 270 */
int curWidth, curHeight;
int curRot; /* current rotation of the current image bits */
int exifRot; /* exif-specified rotation */
unsigned long noteFlags;
unsigned int deleted;
struct PhoImage_s* prev;
struct PhoImage_s* next;
char* comment;
char* caption;
} PhoImage;
/* Captions can be specified in a separate file */
extern char *gCapFileFormat; /* Format for opening caption/comment file */
extern void ReadCaption(PhoImage* img);
/* Number of bits in unsigned long noteFlags */
#define NUM_NOTES ((sizeof (unsigned long) * 8) - 1)
extern PhoImage* NewPhoImage(char* filename);
* Globals
extern PhoImage* gFirstImage;
extern PhoImage* gCurImage;
/* Monitor resolution */
extern int gMonitorWidth, gMonitorHeight;
extern int gPhysMonitorWidth, gPhysMonitorHeight;
extern int gPresentationWidth, gPresentationHeight;
/* We only have one image at a time, so make it global. */
extern GdkPixbuf* gImage;
extern int gDebug; /* debugging messages */
/* ************** (Way too many) Scaling Modes ************** */
/* Normal: show at full size if it fits on screen, otherwise size to screen. */
/* Full Screen: make it as big as necessary to fill the screen,
* even if that means scaling up. Good for e.g. small comics.
/* Full Size: show at full size (1:1 pixel) even if it's bigger
* than the screen.
/* IMG_RATIO: pho will scale the image to an absolute multiple of
* the true image size.
/* SCREEN_RATIO: pho will show the image no larger than the screen
* size times gScaleRatio (i.e. when ratio==1.0, same as normal mode).
/* FIXED: try to make the long dimension of the image be no bigger
* than gScaleRatio. If the image is naturally smaller, show it at
* its normal size.
extern int gScaleMode;
/* Scale Ratio is used in two ways: for PHO_SCALE_*_RATIO, it's a
* ratio like 1.0, 0.5, 2.0 to indicate how we're scaling compared
* to screen size or original image size.
* But in PHO_SCALE_FIXED mode, it's overloaded to store a size
* slightly less than the smaller of the two screen dimensions:
* the size in which either dimension of the image has to fit,
* regardless of rotation.
extern double gScaleRatio;
/* ************** Display modes ************** */
extern int gDisplayMode;
/* Set all the view modes at once -- this will also do assorted
* other housekeeping and is the recommended way to set ANY
* of the three.
extern int SetViewModes(int dispmode, int scalemode, double scalefactor);
extern double FracOfScreenSize();
/* ************** List maintenance functions ************** */
extern void DeleteItem(PhoImage* item);
extern void AppendItem(PhoImage* item);
extern void ClearImageList();
/* ************** Misc. functions ************** */
/* Some window managers don't deal well with windows that resize,
* or don't retain focus if a resized window no longer contains
* the mouse pointer. This allows making new windows instead.
extern int gMakeNewWindows;
/* Seconds delay between images in slideshow mode.
* Normally 0, no slideshow.
extern int gDelaySeconds;
/* Loop back to the first image after showing the last one */
extern int gRepeat;
/* Get the keyword string associated with a note number */
extern char* KeywordString(int notenum);
/* Update toggles for the flags */
extern void SetInfoDialogToggle(int which, int newval);
extern void SetKeywordsDialogToggle(int which, int newval);
/* Other routines that need to be public */
extern void PrepareWindow();
extern void DrawImage();
extern int ScaleAndRotate(PhoImage* img, int degrees);
extern PhoImage* AddImage(char* filename);
extern void DeleteImage(PhoImage* img);
extern void ClearImageList();
extern void ChangeWorkingFileSet();
extern void ToggleKeywordsMode();
extern void Usage();
extern void VerboseHelp();
extern void EndSession();
extern int NextImage();
extern int PrevImage();
extern int ThisImage();
extern int ShowImage();
extern void ToggleNoteFlag(PhoImage* img, int note);
extern void InitNotes();
extern void PrintNotes();
/* event handler. Ugh, this introduces gtk stuff */
extern gint HandleGlobalKeys();