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Code used in "Jumpstarting the Raspberry Pi Zero W", from Make: Books; plus some extra programs just for fun.
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bluetooth Add comments about the bluetoothd serial profile problem and a test f… Mar 1, 2018
button Comments and formatting Jan 28, 2018
camera Allow specifying width and height Jan 17, 2018
ch2 Simple code from Chapters 2 and 3, no extra bells and whistles Aug 3, 2017
ch4 Code for final version of Ch 4 Aug 9, 2017
distance Adjust class name and comments for ME007 Jan 21, 2018
fritzing Add a simpler looking, but less illuminating, fritzing diagram for pi… Jan 17, 2018
gimp Fix tx/rx pins Jan 17, 2018
i2c_master I2C master to talk to an Arduino I2C slave Jun 21, 2018
images Add a simpler looking, but less illuminating, fritzing diagram for pi… Jan 17, 2018
lightstrings strandtest: Add commented-out dotstar option Jan 17, 2018
motors Car: use nonblocking input for controlling the car, and factor the ca… Dec 22, 2017
multiplex Remove the code for mapping out-of-order shift register wires Feb 10, 2018
tempsensors Working Si7021 code, using fcntl and write rather than the smbus library Aug 1, 2017
twitter-and-scraping Rename twit to twitapi Sep 2, 2017
LICENSE Add JPGs for the wiring diagrams, and update the README to mention them Sep 2, 2017

Jumpstarting the Raspberry Pi Zero W

This repository contains all the code used in the book Jumpstarting the Raspberry Pi Zero W, by Akkana Peck, from Make: Books.

Plus some extra Raspberry Pi programs just for fun.

Wiring diagrams corresponding to code can be found in the images directory. They were made with Fritzing, and you'll find the source files in the fritzing directory.

I also have some older Raspberry Pi scripts in the 'rpi' section of my scripts repository and in my motioncam and pycamera modules.

Everything here is licensed with the GNU Public License v.2 or, at your option, any later GPL version.

Have fun!

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