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This is PyTopo, an application for exploring tiled maps using local data.
See the project home page at
for more information.
It can download data from OpenStreetMap (default), or you can use
tiles from programs like the commercial Topo! or tiles you've
generated yourself.
It can also display GPX, KML or KMZ track logs, and can measure
distances and angles between points or give you the coordinates of
a point.
Installing: all you really need is the script itself, pytopo
but if you want to see pin images, create a directory
/usr/share/pytopo and copy pytopo-pin.png into it.
Or just have pytopo-pin.png in the current directory when you run pytopo.
The first time you run it, pytopo will create a ~/.config/pytopo
directory for its configuration files, and a Maps directory for
map data.
pytopo -h gives usage.
If you need custom maps., edit ~/.config/pytopo/pytopo.sites to add
new map Collections.
See for more information on
things you can do and some hints how to create more map data if you
need custom tiles beyond what you can get from OpenStreetMap.
Contributions appreciated!
Also in this project: ellie, a little script for reporting and plotting
statistics (distance and elevation change) read from a GPX track log.
More information:
Have fun!