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Add descriptions for pyplay, xlsrd, epubtag and analemma

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@@ -25,9 +25,27 @@ vol:
Increase alsa system volume by a small increment. Symlink it to
- "quieter" and that will decrease it. Bind those to volume increase/
- decrease keys on your laptop.
+ another name like "quieter" and it will decrease instead.
+ Bind those to volume increase/decrease keys on your laptop.
+ and set it as the system wallpaper.
An xchat Python script to handle nick (and other special-case) sounds.
Also a rare example of an xchat Python script.
+ A class to play sounds asynchronously by calling aplay (or an app
+ of your choice). Don't repeat a sound that's already playing.
+ Used in the xchat script
+ Display an .xls spreadsheet as a formatted ASCII table, using
+ the xlrd package to parse the spreadsheet.
+ Display author, title and tag information for ebooks in epub format;
+ or add or modify an ebook's topic tags.
+ Plot the analemma from the selected location, using PyEphem and PyGTK.
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