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Importing Bruce Porter's AM version in prolog. Doesn't run in gprolog -
perhaps we need to mess with modules.
=-=1 - Sat Nov 29 09:30:06 PST 2008
Now compiles. But what does abolish do?
=-=2 - Sat Nov 29 10:40:30 PST 2008
Getting the rest of the files to compile. One error remaining: syntax error: current or previous operator needs brackets
IMPORTANT: replaced commas with periods to respect indentation in 2 heuristics.
Minor fixes:
disable definition: ucall/1.
disable duplicate definitions: collectclauses/3 in common and utilities, print_put_trace in common and am.
disable primitives: reverse, nth, list, append, member, delete, makelist.
rename duplicate private definition: loop_composit/8 in h407 -> loop_composit2.
update syntax for directives: abolish, public, dynamic.
amutilities -> multiple files.
explicitly consult files in am_init.
assert -> assertz.
remove no_style_check directives.
multiline -> single-line strings.
=-=3 - Wed Dec 3 09:36:39 PST 2008
Ok, it compiles now, though I need to call load_am_files separately before am.
am dies within various abolish calls that I can comment out to get it to run.
Don't want to save those until I figure out what I'm doing.
=-=6 - Thu Dec 4 18:43:24 PST 2008
make those procedures dynamic right at the start. Now is it hung or just
processing for a long time?
=-=7 - Thu Dec 11 12:23:44 PST 2008
No, I need to call:
for it to work/hang.
=-=8 - Thu Dec 11 12:28:39 PST 2008
Ok, now I can start it up with just:
=-=9 - Thu Dec 11 12:30:41 PST 2008
assert->assertz in heuristics.
=-=10 - Sun Dec 14 11:19:34 PST 2008