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* h23 *
* Concept C is interesting if each example of C *
* accidentally seems to satisfy the otherwise- *
* rarely satisfied predicate P, or (equivalently) *
* if there is an unusual conjecture involving C. *
/* I am going to take "unusual" conjecture to mean any
* conjecture -- conjectures aren't made unless they are
* interesting and unusual anyway.
/* Note also that I do not know what is going to be the format
* of the conjecs slot. For the present, I am going to presume
* that it is a list of elements, one member of which may be
* the concept Con that we are dealing with.
h23(Con) :-
h23_aux(X,[]) :- fail.
h23_aux(X,[A|B]) :-
(member(X,A) ; h23_aux(X,B)).
/* If in the [examples,bnd] slot of the concept 'Predicate'
* we were to store those predicates that are rarely satisfied,
* then we could easily access rarely-satisfied predicates and
* deal with the first part of this heuristic. Failing this
* slot, it doesn't seem worth it to searching through ALL
* predicate evaluations and seeing which ones aren't satisfied
* very often.
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