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Environment for learning programming using Mu:

Run it from the mu directory:

$ ./mu edit

This will load all the .mu files in this directory and then run the editor. Press ctrl-c to quit. Press F4 to save your work (if a lesson/ directory exists) and to run the contents of the sandbox editor on the right.

You can also run the tests for the environment:

$ ./mu test edit

You can also load the files more explicitly by enumerating them all (in order):

$  ./mu edit/*.mu

This is handy if you want to play with simpler versions of the editor that are easier to understand. Stop loading at any layer to run with a subset of features:

$ ./mu edit/001*.mu edit/002*.mu  # run a simple editor rather than the full environment

Appendix: keyboard shortcuts

moving and scrolling

  • ctrl-a or home: move cursor to start of line
  • ctrl-e or end: move cursor to end of line
  • ctrl-f or page-down: scroll down by one page
  • ctrl-b or page-up: scroll up by one page
  • ctrl-x: scroll down by one line
  • ctrl-s: scroll up by one line
  • ctrl-t: scroll until current line is at top of screen

modifying text