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(mac once-only (names . body)
(withs (names (check names alist (list names))
gensyms (map1 [uniq] names))
`(w/uniq ,gensyms
`(with ,(list ,@(mappend list gensyms names))
,(with ,(mappend list names gensyms)
(mac extend (name arglist test . body)
(w/uniq args
`(let orig ,name
(= ,name
(fn ,args
(if (apply (fn ,arglist ,test) ,args)
(apply (fn ,arglist ,@body) ,args)
(apply orig ,args)))))))
(mac init args
`(unless (bound ',(car args))
(= ,@args)))
(= be iso)
(= neither nor)
(= const =)
(mac ifcall(var)
`(when (bound ',var)
(mac pushif(elem ls)
`(aif ,elem
(push it ,ls)))
(mac firsttime(place . body)
`(unless ,place
(set ,place)))
(mac proc(name args . body)
`(def ,name ,args ,@body nil))
(mac ret(var val . body)
`(let ,var ,val ,@body ,var))
(mac findg(generator test)
(w/uniq (ans count)
`(ret ,ans ,generator
(let ,count 0
(until (or (,test ,ans) (> (++ ,count) 10))
(= ,ans ,generator))
(unless (,test ,ans)
(wipe ,ans))))))
(mac pipe-to(dest . body)
(tostring ,@body)
; counterpart of only: keep retrying until expr returns something, then apply f to it
(mac always(f expr)
`((only ,f) (findg ,expr ,f)))
(mac awhile(expr . body)
`(whilet it ,expr
(mac forever body
`(while t ,@body))
(mac disabled body
`(when nil ,@body))
(mac enabled body
`(when t ,@body))
(mac letloop(var init term inc . body)
`(let ,var nil
(loop (= ,var ,init) ,term ,inc
(mac after* block
(let (body finally) (split-by block ':do)
(do ,@body)
(do ,@finally))))
; backtracking let: after body return init unless postcond
(mac blet(var init postcond . body)
(w/uniq orig
`(withs (,orig ,init
,var ,orig)
(if ,postcond
;; dynamic scope when writing tests
(mac shadow(var expr)
(let stack (globalize string.var "-stack")
(init ,stack ())
(push ,var ,stack)
(redef ,var ,expr))))
(mac unshadow(var)
(let stack (globalize string.var "-stack")
(if (or (~bound ',stack)
(empty ,stack))
(prn "*** couldn't unshadow " ',var)
(redef ,var (pop ,stack)))
(mac shadowing(var expr . body)
(shadow ,var ,expr)
(unshadow ,var)))
(mac before-exec(fnname args . body)
`(let old ,fnname
(redef ,fnname
(fn ,args
(old ,@args)))))
(mac after-exec(fnname args . body)
`(let old ,fnname
(redef ,fnname
(fn ,args
(ret result (old ,@args)
(mac scoped-extend(var . body)
(let stack (globalize string.var "-stack")
(init ,stack ())
(push ,var ,stack)
(redef ,var (pop ,stack)))))
(= buffered-exec-delay* 10)
(= buffered-execs* (table))
(def buffered-exec(f)
(or= buffered-execs*.f
(thread "buffered" (sleep buffered-exec-delay*) (wipe buffered-execs*.f) (f))))
(mac wait(var)
`(until ,var))
(mac timeout-exec(timeout . body)
(w/uniq (done-flag thread-var)
`(withs (,done-flag nil
,thread-var (new-thread "bound"
(set ,done-flag)))))
(thread "timeout2"
(sleep ,timeout)
(unless (dead ,thread-var)
(w/stdout (stderr)
(prn "Timeout"))
(kill-thread ,thread-var)
(set ,done-flag)))
(wait ,done-flag))))
(mac async-exec(cache timeout . body)
(w/uniq done-flag
`(let ,done-flag nil
(thread "async"
(or= ,cache
(do ,@body))
(set ,done-flag))
(thread "async-timeout"
(sleep ,timeout)
(set ,done-flag))
(wait ,done-flag)
(let old new-thread
(def new-thread(name f)
(let t0 (msec)
(old name
(ret ans (f)
(srvlog 'times (- (msec) t0))))))))
(mac log-time(name . body)
(w/uniq t0
`(let ,t0 (msec)
(srvlog 'times ',name (- (msec) ,t0)))))
(def blank?(elem)
(or no.elem empty.elem))
(def transform(l . fl)
(let ans l
(each f fl
(zap f ans))
(mac nrem(f l)
`(zap [rem ,f _] ,l))
(mac nkeep(f l)
`(zap [keep ,f _] ,l))
(mac nmap(f l)
`(zap [map ,f _] ,l))
(mac nmaptable(f tab)
`(each k (keys ,tab)
(zap ,f (,tab k))))
(mac nslowrot(l)
`(when ,l (= ,l (+ (cdr ,l) (list (car ,l))))))
(defgeneric pushn(l v n)
(+ "pushn unimplemented for " type.l))
(defmethod pushn(q v n) queue
(enq v q)
(until (<= len.q (+ n 1))
(deq q))
(when (> len.q n)
(deq q))))
(def q(l)
(ret q (annotate 'queue (list nil nil 0))
(each x l
(enq x q))))
; random elem in from that isn't already in to (and satisfies f)
(def random-new(from to ? f nil)
(ret ans nil
(let counter 0
(until (or ans (> (++ counter) 10))
(let curr randpos.from
(when (and (~pos curr to)
(or no.f
(f curr)))
(= ans curr)))))))
(mac randpick args
(w/uniq (x ans)
`(with (,x (rand)
,ans nil)
,@(accum acc
(each (thresh expr) (pair args)
(acc `(when (and (no ,ans)
(< ,x ,thresh))
(= ,ans ,expr)))))
(def shuffle(ls)
(let n
(ret ans
(repeat (/ n 2)
(swap (ans rand.n) (ans rand.n))))))
(def zip ls
(apply map list ls))
(def partition(l f)
(when l
(let (a b) (partition cdr.l f)
(if (f car.l)
(list (cons car.l a) b)
(list a (cons car.l b))))))
(def sliding-window(n xs)
(accum a
(a (firstn n xs))
(whilet xs (cdr xs)
(a (firstn n xs)))))
(def deltas(l)
(when (cdr l)
(let (a b . rest) l
(cons (- b a) (deltas (cons b rest))))))
(def mean(l)
(when l
(/ (apply + l) (len l))))
(def sum-of-squares(l)
(apply + (map [* _ _] l)))
(def stddev(l)
(whenlet mu (mean l)
(sqrt (- (/ (sum-of-squares l) (len l)) (* mu mu)))))
(def log10(n)
(/ (log n) (log 10)))
(def inverse(t)
(w/table t2
(each key (keys t)
(let val (t key)
(if (acons val)
(each v val
(add-to (t2 key) v)))
(add-to (t2 key) val)))
(def split-by(seq delim)
(case type.seq
cons (split seq (or (pos delim seq) (len seq)))
string (split seq (or (posmatch delim seq) (len seq)))
(err "bad type for split-by")))
(def tuplize-by(seq f ? ans nil)
(if (no seq)
(rev (map rev ans))
(tuplize-by cdr.seq f
(if (f car.seq)
(cons (list car.seq) ans)
(cons (cons car.seq car.ans) cdr.ans)))))
(mac add-to(l v)
`(push ,v ,l))
(mac add-to-back(l v)
`(= ,l (join ,l (list ,v))))
(def cons* body
(if (cdr body)
(cons (car body)
(apply cons* (cdr body)))
(car body)))
(def randpos(l)
(when l
(l (rand:len l))))
(def sorted(t f)
(sort (compare > f:cadr) (tablist t)))
(mac append(a b)
`(= ,a (+ ,a ,b)))
(def subseq?(pat ls)
(if (no pat)
(if (no ls)
(subseq? (if (is car.pat cdr.pat pat)
(def intersect(l1 l2)
(keep [pos _ l2] l1))
(def set-subtract(l1 l2)
(rem [pos _ l2] l1))
(def common(l)
(if (~cdr l)
(reduce intersect l)))
(def aboutnmost(n l ? f idfn)
(withs (initans (firstn n (sort-by f l))
top (last initans)
fill (keep [and _ (iso (f _) (f top))] l))
(dedup (+ initans fill))))
(def most-skipping-nils(f args)
(most f (rem nil args)))
(def bound-and-sort(l f thresh)
(sort-by f (keep [> (f _) thresh] l)))
(def dedup-by(f l)
(with (done (table)
ans ())
(each elem l
(unless (done f.elem)
(= (done f.elem) t)
(push elem ans)))
(rev ans)))
; every with progress indicator
(mac everyp(var l iters . body)
(w/uniq ls
`(let ,ls ,l
(prn:len ,ls)
(on ,var ,ls
(when (is 0 (remainder index ,iters))
(prn " " index " " ,var))
(def rewrite(new old form)
(is form old) new
(~acons form) form
(map [rewrite new old _] form)))
(def extract-car(block test)
(if (test*.test car.block)
`(,(car block) ,(cdr block))
`(() ,block)))
(def test*(test)
(if (no test) id
(isa test 'fn) test
(isa test 'sym) [isa _ test]
[is _ test]))
(defmethod iso(x y) table
(and (isa x 'table)
(isa y 'table)
(is (len keys.x) (len keys.y))
(fn((k v))
(iso y.k v))
(defgeneric serialize(x)
(defmethod serialize(x) table
(list 'table
(accum a
(maptable (fn (k v)
(a (list k serialize.v)))
(pickle table serialize)
; can't use defgeneric; everything is likely a list when serialized
(or= vtables*!unserialize (table))
(def unserialize(x)
(aif (vtables*!unserialize type*.x)
(it x)
(defmethod unserialize(x) cons
(map unserialize x))
(def type*(x)
(if (and (pair? x)
(isa car.x 'sym))
(def pair?(l)
(and (acons l)
(acons:cdr l)
(~acons:cddr l)))
(def alist? (l)
(and (acons l)
(all pair? l)))
(defmethod unserialize(x) table
(w/table h
(map (fn ((k v)) (= h.k unserialize.v))
(def read-json-table(filename ? errfn [table])
(on-err errfn
(w/infile f filename (json-read f)))))
(def first-key(tb)
(car keys.tb))
(def first-keys(n tb)
(firstn n keys.tb))
(def len-keys(tb)
(len keys.tb))
(def first-value(tb)
(tb first-key.tb))
(def first-pair(tb)
(car tablist.tb))
(def max-key(tb)
(max-by tb keys.tb))
(def max-val(tb)
(max:add-tags tb keys.tb))
(def freq(l)
(ret ans (table)
(each o l
(++ (ans o 0)))))
; freq without any atomic operations
(def freqcounts(l f ? n 1)
(if (no cdr.l)
(prn car.l " " n)
(if (is (f car.l) (f cadr.l))
(freqcounts cdr.l f (+ n 1))
(prn car.l " " n)
(freqcounts cdr.l f)))))
(def max-freq(l)
(max-key freq.l))
(mac inittab (place . args)
`(do (or= ,place (table))
(init-table ,place (list ,@args))))
; XXX redundantly computed vals
(def init-table (table data)
(each (k v) (pair data) (or= (table k) v))
(def index(test seq ? start 0)
(or (pos test seq start)
(def safecut(seq start ? end len.seq)
(if seq
(cut seq (min start len.seq) (min end len.seq))
(def posmatchall(pat seq ? start 0)
(whenlet ind (posmatch pat seq start)
(cons ind (posmatchall pat seq (+ ind (len pat))))))
(def slurp(f ? sep "\n")
(if (isa f 'string)
(w/infile file f (slurp file sep))
(let ans ""
(whilet line (readline f)
(if (blank ans)
(= ans line)
(zap [string _ sep line] ans)))
(if (~iso sep "\n")
(subst sep "\n" ans)
(def split-urls(s)
(tokens s [pos _ ":/."]))
(def has-alpha?(s)
(not (is #f (m (r "[0-9A-Za-z]") s))))
(def words(s)
(fn(ex) (erp "B: " s " " details.ex))
(fn() (keep has-alpha? tokens.s))))
(def maybe-enclose(before payload after test)
(if (test payload)
(+ before payload after)
(mac sub-core(f)
(w/uniq (str rest)
`(fn(,str . ,rest)
(let s ,str
(each (pat repl) (pair ,rest)
(= s ($(,f pat s repl))))
(= sub (sub-core regexp-replace))
(= gsub (sub-core regexp-replace*))
(def regexp-escape(word)
(gsub word
(r "([+*^$])") "\\\\\\1"))
(def int2(n)
(if n
(def uncamelcase(word)
(gsub word
(r "([a-z])([A-Z])") "\\1 \\2"))
(def colonsym(sym)
(headmatch ":" string.sym))
(def strip-colon(sym)
(let ans string.sym
(if (is ans.0 #\:)
(= ans (cut ans 1)))
(def listify(s)
(coerce s 'cons))
(def sort-by(f l)
(rm-tags (sort-by-tag (add-tags f l))))
(def max-by(f l)
(max-by-tag:add-tags f l))
(def sort-by-tag(l)
(sort (compare > cdr) (keep cdr l)))
(def max-by-tag(l)
(let (max maxval) (list nil nil)
(each (curr . v) (keep cdr l)
(when (or no.maxval (> v maxval))
(= max curr maxval v)))
(def add-tags(f l)
(map [cons _ (f _)] l))
(def rm-tags(l)
(map car l))
(def tags-matching(v l)
(map cdr (keep [iso (car _) v] l)))
(def add-index-tags(l)
(add-index-tags-sub l))
(def add-index-tags-sub(l ? x 0)
(when acons.l
(cons (cons car.l x)
(add-index-tags-sub cdr.l ++.x))))
(def p(s)
(write s)
(def erp args
(w/stdout (stderr)
(apply prn args)))
(def pushline(s file)
(disp (+ s #\newline) file))
(def gc()
(def maybe(msg)
(or msg ""))
(= performance-vector ($:make-vector 10))
(proc prn-stats(? msg nil)
($:vector-set-performance-stats! _performance-vector)
(erp maybe.msg performance-vector))
(proc prn-stats2(? msg nil)
(sort-by car (rem [dead cadr._] threads*))
(def threads(name)
(map cadr (keep [is car._ name] threads*)))
(include "arctap.arc")
(proc tests()
(= test-failures* 0)
(each file (dir ".")
(when (and (posmatch ".arc.t" file)
(~litmatch "." file))
(include file)))
(prn:plural test-failures* "failure")))
(def test-mode()
(~empty (getenv "TEST")))
(def l(f)
(include:+ string.f ".arc"))
(def test(f)
(= test-failures* 0)
(include:+ string.f ".arc.t")
(prn:plural test-failures* "failure")))
(def dump-stack-trace(msg)
(w/stdout (stderr)
(prn msg)
($:print (continuation-mark-set->context (current-continuation-marks)))))
(mac rotlog(var msg)
(push ,msg ,var)
(= ,var (firstn 100 ,var))))
(def filenames(cmd)
(tokens:slurp:pipe-from cmd))
(mac each-fifo(var fifo . body)
(prn body)
`(forever:each ,var (tokens:slurp ,fifo)
(def Set args
(w/table ans
(each k args
(= (ans k) t))))
(mac w/prfile(file . body)
(w/uniq outf
`(w/appendfile ,outf ,file
(w/stdout ,outf
(mac nopr body
`(w/prfile "/dev/null"
(wipe maintenance-tasks*)
(mac periodic-maintenance(maintenance-task . body)
(push (quote ,maintenance-task) maintenance-tasks*)
((fn() ,@body))
(pop maintenance-tasks*))))
(def maintenance-task()
(when acons.maintenance-tasks*
(eval car.maintenance-tasks*)))
(def quit-in(n)
(thread "quit"
(sleep n)
(prn "autoquit")
(= plurals* (table))
(def plural-of(s)
(or (plurals* s)
(+ s "s")))
(mac collect(body)
(w/uniq fp
`(let ,fp (outstring)
(w/stdout ,fp ,body)
(inside ,fp))))
(def time-ago(s)
(- (seconds) s))
(def render-date(s)
(let d (date int.s)
(+ "" d.0 "-" d.1 "-" d.2)))
(def curr-path(f)
(+ ($ start-dir*) f))
(mac load-scheme(f)
`($ (require (file ,(curr-path f)))))
(mac load-ffi(name f)
`($ (define ,name (ffi-lib ,(curr-path f)))))
($:xdef getenv getenv)
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