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//// implicit gensyms: $vars turn into unique syms before they're eval'd
Cell* transform_dollarVars(Cell* input) {
Table map; // expand $vars identically within each top-level expression
return expandDollarVars(input, map);
Cell* expandDollarVars(Cell* input, Table& map) {
if (isSym(input) && toString(input)[0] == '$') {
if (!map[input])
map[mkref(input)] = mkref(genSym(newSym(toString(input).substr(1)))); // against destruction of map
return map[input];
if (!isCons(input)) return input; // no tables or compiledFns in static code
setCar(input, expandDollarVars(car(input), map));
setCdr(input, expandDollarVars(cdr(input), map));
return input;
Cell* genSym(Cell* x) {
static long counter = 0;
ostringstream os;
os << (x == nil ? "sym" : toString(x)) << ++counter;
return newSym(os.str());
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