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mac w/infile(name . body)
`(between (dyn_bind stdin (infile ,name)) :and (do close_infile.stdin dyn_unbind.stdin)
mac w/outfile(name . body)
`(between (dyn_bind stdout (outfile ,name)) :and (do close_infile.stdout dyn_unbind.stdout)
mac w/instring(s . body)
`(between (dyn_bind stdin (instring ,s)) :and (do close_infile.stdin dyn_unbind.stdin)
mac w/outstring body
`(between (dyn_bind stdout outstring.) :and (do close_outfile.stdout dyn_unbind.stdout)
mac w/stdin(fd . body)
`(between (dyn_bind stdin ,fd) :and (do dyn_unbind.stdin close.,fd)
mac w/stdout(fd . body)
`(between (dyn_bind stdout ,fd) :and (do dyn_unbind.stdout close.,fd)
def ern args
(w/stdout stderr
(prn @args))
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