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// Wart builds on many ideas that have come before, especially:
// - <a href=',+Ehn,+Musashi%22'>Peter Naur</a>
// for articulating the paramount problem of programming: communicating a codebase to others;
// - <a href=''>Christopher Alexander</a>
// and <a href=''>Richard Gabriel</a>
// for the intellectual tools for reasoning about the higher order design of a codebase;
// - <a href=''>Donald Knuth's literate programming</a>
// for liberating "code for humans to read" from the tyranny of compiler order;
// - <a href=''>David Parnas</a>
// and others for highlighting the value of separating concerns and stepwise refinement;
// - <a href=''>Lisp</a> for showing the
// power of dynamic languages, late binding and providing the right primitives
// <em>a la carte</em>;
// - <a href=''>python doctest</a> for
// exemplifying interactive documentation that doubles as tests;
// - <a href=''>ReStructuredText</a>
// and <a href=''>its antecedents</a> for
// showing that markup can be clean;
// - The folklore of debugging by print and the trace facility in many lisp
// systems;
// - Automated tests for showing the value of building programs inside an
// elaborate harness;
// - BDD for challenging us all to write tests at a higher level;
// - JavaScript and CSS for demonstrating the power of a DOM for complex
// structured documents.