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HBase as the backing store for the TF-IDF representations for Lucene
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April 2010

Released under Apache License 2.0 .  See LICENSE.txt for more details.

What is it:
HBasene is a distributed system to use HBase ( as the backing store for 
the TF-IDF representation, as needed by Lucene.

To see a sample "Hello World" example, refer to - . 

To see the HBase column family - TF-IDF representation mapping, refer to - . 

Also contains a map-reduce job that provides the hooks (Mappers/ Reducers) to index data present in a HBase schema.

Originally present as part of Apache HBase project. 

Refactored here, under Apache 2.0 License , as before.

Mailing list: 
To participate more in the discussion, join here at  - . 

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