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Java Decompiler / Disassembler
version 1.4.0 ( Oct 19 2002 )
bug regarding transient field members fixed.
lookup switch handling modified appropriately.
invokestatic instruction handling bug fixed.
Introduction of method blocks in API thereby moving towards provision of maximum manipulation of decompiled code through code.
Fixed a bug related to space in throw new Exception .
version 1.3.3: ( May 07 2002 ).
version 1.3.2: ( Feb 5 2002 ).
Fixed a bug to identify an empty-catch statement.
Better command-line interface now.
version 1.3.1: ( Jan 26 2002 ).
Some code enhancements to speed up the decompilation especially avoiding the costly breakup for switch and normal statements.
Bug regarding the size of long and double variables in LocalSymbolTable fixed.
Statements of the type 'Object obj = null' get decompiled correctly.
Now viewing of constantpool contents is better.
version 1.3: ( Jan 2002 ).
Now statements containing finally .. and synchronized are decompiled properly.
Also ternary expressions now decompile correctly.
TODO: Live variable analysis probably need to be more rigorous ...,
Currently variables are declared but decompiled code uses variables use
them out-of-scope.
This project has hopefully entered into its pre-alpha stage..
version 1.2: ( Jun 2001 ).
Fixed more bugs.
version 1.1: ( Mar 2001 ).
Bugs fixed in the reverse engineering engine.
version 1.0: ( Dec 2000 ).
Started working on a Java decompiler.
This has just got over the design stage!!