BuildTracer is the wondrous Movable Type 4 plugin that shows how long each tag takes to publish in an individual template.
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BuildTracer is Movable Type template visualizer. It helps with the writing, performance tuning, and analysis of MT templates. BuildTracer logs the rebuild sequence of each MT generated page, visualizes the block structure of MT tags, and shows how long each tag takes to publish in an individual template.

  • Visualize the block structure of MT tags
  • Trace the result of <mt:if> evaluation
  • Display the current instance of an MT variable
  • Display the processing time of each sequence


  • 0.5 works with MT 4.3, MT 4.261, MT 4.25, and MT 4.24.
  • 0.4 works with MT 4.24 and below
  • 0.3.1 works with MT 4.1.


Two directories, "plugins" and "mt-static" are included in the plugin. Upload plugins/BuildTracer and mt-static/plugins/BuildTracer to your Movable Type installation directory.


Once installed, a command "FileInfo" will appear in each blog's Manage menu. Go to Manage -> File Info, and click on an index template to view the trace result Time stamps are displayed next to each template block to indicate how long they take to evaluate/publish, as well as an overall time for the entire template.

This plugin works fine with Firefox 2 and above. It may work on Internet Explorer 7, but does not work on Internet Explorer 6.


Originally written by Akira Sawada.


Original plugin page: