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db.bladre.Marks -- Add marks to locations in Renoise

The Marks tool makes it possible to use letters as markers of different positions in the renoise GUI. Positions remembered include:

  • Pattern, track, line and note column
  • Selected instrument
  • Top, Middle and bottom panel view

Marks are saved in the "Marks" instrument and will be saved together with the song so they are restored when the song is reopened at a later time.

To use it map "Global:Tools:Marks" to "Numpad -". Repeatedly pressing "Numpad -" again toggles dialog minify/maximize.

Press "ESC" to close the dialog.

When the dialog has focus:

Use Shift- to ad a mark and press to jump to the mark

The granularity of a jump can be changed in the dialog

=view= Change just the view of the currently playing pattern

=pattern= Change to pattern where mark is, but not cursor position. Useful for experimenting with mixes.

=cursor= Also move cursor when jumping.